Outbid Auctioneer / Copart San Francisco / June 2010

RGA Brand Development was tasked to develop a multi-platform live auction system that allowed users to be an auctioneer and a bidder in both reverse and forward auction situations. Outbid aims to provide users an easy route into the auction world whilst providing competition to Amazon and Ebay.

Project involvement includes: Contributions to strategic development, naming documentation, conceiving mnemonic studies, brand + visual systems, UX design, graphic design and preparing client presentations.

Core Team: Marc Shillum, Virgilio Santos, Andrew Chee and Jonathan Han

Outbid . Project Description
Outbid . Strategic Positioning
Outbid . Naming Moodboard
Outbid . IPhone Application
Outbid . Web Platform Part One
Outbid Web Platform Interface 2
Outbid Web Platform Interface 3
Outbid Web Platform Interface 4
Outbid Web Platform Interface 5
Outbid Web Platform Interface 6
Outbid Brand Development Project Image 8
Outbid . Project Image One
Outbid . Project Image Two
Outbid . Project Image Three
Outbid . Project Image Four
Outbid . Project Image Five
Outbid . Project Image Six
Outbid . Project Image Seven
Outbid . Project Image Eight
Outbid . Project Image Nine