I am Jonathan Han.

Jonathan Han is a designer from Singapore, currently working in New York City. Upon his graduation from The School of Visual Arts in 2009, he has worked on various projects that explore and combine the methodologies of brand and information visualization.

He started his design career working for American designers Paul Sahre and Michael Ian Kaye before learning the rigours of developing an honest representation for a brand and its product through the meticulous process of design at RGA’s Brand Development Group.

He then designed digital installations for public spaces at Local Projects.

Jonathan has also been reinvesting his time back at The School of Visual Arts, serving as a teaching assistant for designers Carin Goldberg, John Grimwade and Wade Convay.

Moving forward with what he has, Jonathan seeks to discover in greater detail, different design approaches and methodologies that bring together complex system, drawing from the subjects of semiotics and the human psyche.