The House of Order / School of Visual Arts / February 2008

The House of Order is a project that is based on two texts. They are the "Crystal Goblet" by Beatrice Warde and the graphic novel, "A Serious House on a Serious Earth" by Grant Morrison and Dave Mckean. The project's concept expounds the extremes of perfection. One extreme, represented by the white book, uses the text of Beatrice Warde to show that the pursuit of perfection through order is a trap. The other extreme, represented by the black book, shows that perfection, attained through chaos, gives way to a new world order.

Creative Director: Paul Sahre . Designer: Jonathan Han

The House of Order . Exterior
The House of Order . Book Order . Dust Cover
The House of Order . Order . Interior Spreads . Finale
The House of Order . Book Chaos . Dust Cover
The House of Order . Chaos . Interior Spreads . Finale